Limited Editions

These special photographs are separate from the Main Collection. Each Limited Edition piece is signed and numbered and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Urban Photography by Philip Warbasse

The Limited Edition difference 

Signed + Numbered + Certificate of Authenticity.

The Front

Front view: "Sailing By" - Limited Edition

Like their counterparts in the Main Collection, Limited Edition Le Petit canvas prints measure 4"X6" inches. Printed on UV coated canvas and hand-stretched, each canvas print is numbered in a series and individually signed by the artist.

The Back

Back view: "Sailing By" - Limited Edition

Limited Edition canvas prints come with a paper backing containing our official purple "Limited Edition" moniker and a QR Code to reach our official website. We also Include the piece/series number in the lower right-hand corner.

Limited Edition canvas prints

Signed by the artist + Includes easel.
from $55.00 + shipping*

*Shipping per order = $6.75 for first print / add $5.00 for each additional print.

:
Total price:

Order / assistance by phone: (424) 229-1404.
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  • Sunset Photography by Philip Warbasse

    LE Sailing By

    Redondo Beach, CA | March 9, 2016
    #114/150 in series $65

  • Urban Photography by Philip Warbasse

    LE Pink Cadillac

    Santa Monica, CA | June 28, 2015
    #102/500 in series $55

  • Landscape Photography by Philip Warbasse

    LE Palisades Sunset

    Santa Monica, CA | Nov 11, 2015
    #175/500 in series $55

  • Sunset Photography by Philip Warbasse

    LE Bird in Paradise

    Redondo Beach, CA | Nov 23, 2015
    #110/500 in series $55

  • Sunset Photography by Philip Warbasse

    LE Sunset Drift

    Redondo Beach, CA | May 5, 2017
    #37/150 in series $65

Note: The color and cropping of website images may vary slightly from the actual item.

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